Menin Hospitality Optimizes Business Communications for Its Boutique Hotels via Cloud Solution From Mitel and DCI / VCore

Flexible Cloud Delivery Streamlines Communications Across Multiple Properties, Reducing Cost and Complexity While Providing High-Quality Guest Services LOS ANGELES, June 24, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HITEC Conference -- Menin Hospitality, a growing hotel management company, has been opening new luxury properties as the tourism business booms in South Florida. Seeking a more efficient way to provide communications services across all its properties, Menin turned to Mitel and its partner DCI / VCore to find the best path to cloud communications. "We saw an obvious opportunity to leverage the cloud to take advantage of the latest communications advances to efficiently run our business and deliver the very best solutions to our guests," said Jared Galbut, Managing Principal, Menin Hospitality. "Mitel and DCI / VCore have been our technology partners for several years and their ability to seamlessly migrate us to a cloud solution has given us flexibility, speed-to-deployment and confidence to move to cloud, right out of the gate". With two new properties coming on line this year, the ability of Mitel's cloud solution to enable Menin to scale with expansion was also a key benefit - cloud gives them the opportunity to bring the new properties onto a common cloud framework across all of their properties. By deploying communications for all properties on a single Mitel cloud platform, Menin has reduced costs and improved operations while delivering high quality communications services for its guests. "With several hotels in Florida, we need to be ready for any emergency - wind, rain, power outage - and I don't want to have to bring the train to a stop to change a wheel. I need to keep the business moving," said Seth Wasserman, head of IT for Menin. "With Mitel's cloud solution, we can keep our communications systems running in any conditions, and support and maintenance requires a simple phone call versus a hardware guy with a tool-belt." Attracted by the business agility and fixed-rate monthly fee, Menin is leveraging DCI / VCore's hosted communications platform based on Mitel technologies and built specifically for hospitality companies. "DCI / VCore and Mitel have been strategic partners for many years, with a particularly strong focus on the hospitality industry. Mitel phones, high quality voice services and collaboration tools are central to our VCORE offering, which provides an 'all-in-one' hosted communications solutions for hospitality companies, said Bob Murphy - VP Global Sales at DCI / VCore. "Menin Hospitality illustrates the power of the cloud solution, ensuring they always have the latest Mitel technologies and advances to offer as part of their guest services." "Menin Hospitality provides some of the best hotels in the world, offering high-end guest services and customer service. The DCI VCore cloud platform Powered by Mitel has streamlined communications for a more efficient solution that allows Menin to concentrate on its core competency of providing memorable guest experiences," said Jeff Nolan, Mitel's vice president of vertical business development in the Americas. For more information on Mitel in hospitality, go to Mitel Hospitality Solutions
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