Vonage Continues To Drive Conversational Applied AI for Enterprise Businesses via Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform

Rapid AI Implementations Provide Innovative, Agile, Personalized Customer Interactions HOLMDEL, NJ -- Sept. 12, 2019 --  Vonage (NYSE:  VG), a global business cloud communications leader, continues to advance the rapid implementation of Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities in the enterprise with the power of  Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform. Through its network of AI and BOT provider partners, Vonage is enabling brands to build solutions that create unique, intelligent, and personalized customer experiences. Vonage continues to invest in and see the tremendous opportunity in conversational AI for the future of business tech. The Company's recent acquisition of Voice AI platform provider  Over.ai reinforces this commitment to building more opportunities for businesses to leverage artificial intelligence capabilities via the One Vonage platform, complementing its existing partnership strategy to address today's broad and complex AI landscape. With AI and machine learning becoming a competitive advantage, enterprises are trying to differentiate by choosing best of breed approaches to the AI and BOT platforms they adopt. As an example, because it is widely used by consumers as a conversational channel and delivers 24/7 real-time response capabilities, WhatsApp is extremely effective in driving customer engagement. This trend has resulted in a significant increase in the implementation of the Nexmo WhatsApp Business API, enabling automation and virtual assistance with the added ability for human escalation, as needed. Customer experience has already become the top brand differentiator and businesses need to continue to evolve their communications to let customers engage the way they want. Customers today demand that businesses provide personalized, intelligent, and simple communications, on the channels they prefer - voice, video, social messaging apps such as WhatsApp, and chat. Vonage is responding to this demand for AI capabilities through its  Nexmo Connect partner program, offering a rich and wide variety of AI and BOT platform partners. In fact, Nexmo APIs enable businesses to accelerate their time to market, providing access to these proven, trained AI tools. With unique offerings through a strong network of partners to help drive real-time intelligent workflows, Nexmo Connect partners include AI and BOT platforms such as  Google Cloud AI's  DialogflowContact Center AI and  Google Assistant; AI-driven customer success platform,  Salesforce Einstein; leading cloud platform and cognitive solutions company,  IBM Watson; Freshworks'  Freshdesk customer support software;  S peech and Bot Service from the Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services family; conversational interface and task automation platform  OneReach.ai; and customer engagement hub provider,  Servion, among others. "We have made it a high priority to rigorously evaluate our voice and messaging providers to ensure our customers are supported by carrier-grade, high availability, low latency, low cost and reliable connectivity," said  Kevin Fredrick, Managing Partner for OneReach. "It is important to us that our customers can focus on creating great conversational experiences. We work with Nexmo because they have far surpassed many others in their ability to future proof and support the needs of our platform and customers." Vonage has partnered with these AI players, BOT platforms and ISV partners to create pre-built AI applications and to provide developers looking to build their own customized and intelligent solutions and workflows with the communications APIs they need to drive enhanced customer journeys. "Integrated, intelligent solutions allow for more seamless, intuitive conversations than ever before," said  Omar Javaid, President of the API Platform Group for Vonage. "The Nexmo Connect partner ecosystem enables us to address a much broader and richer set of customer requirements than if we had built out a limited proprietary offering. I am thrilled to see our customers and partners leverage Nexmo to enrich the conversations they have with their customers with the power of programmable communications." "It is clear that the number one focus for brands right now is to differentiate themselves through their ability to create unique customer experiences. AI capabilities, enabled by APIs, are playing a big role in driving the ultimate customer experience. Vonage's strategy to bring these AI solutions to customers, both through its own technology and through strategic partnerships, coupled with its fully integrated communications solutions, will keep the company at the forefront of the communications technology space," said  Zeus Kerravala, Founder & Principal Analyst, ZK Research. Nexmo messaging APIs are enabling a host of new and innovative use cases and AI capabilities among enterprise customers to create exceptional experiences for their own customers. These customers include AI Conversational Marketing platform,  Exceed.ai; mini app and chatbot platform,  Evolany Co; global leader in public safety technology,  Carbyne; conversational commerce service,  Novo Labs; and global leader in logistics and transportation,  Aramex. "Nexmo APIs enable the integration of our conversational commerce service with the phone systems of large restaurant chains, where success is determined by the quality and consistency of the customer experience," said  Jeff Loukas, Chief Product Officer of  Novo Labs. "Every day, our service manages thousands of voice interactions through Nexmo to provide a seamless and personalized ordering experience for our client's customers." "As a leading innovator in the public safety space, Carbyne is laser-focused on harnessing technology to expedite dispatch and drive to incident resolution as quickly as possible," said Amir Elichai, CEO and Founder at Carbyne. "Nexmo APIs enable critical information to flow between emergency communication centers and callers when it is needed the most. With AI capabilities enabled by the Messages API, we are able to effectively manage the growing data sources available to public safety in real-time. This allows us to analyze gigabytes of data in seconds and deliver the most important - often life-saving - information to dispatchers and response teams." The Nexmo Connect Partner Program has doubled in size over the last six months alone to nearly 300 partners worldwide. In addition to AI and BOT Platform providers, the broader Nexmo Connect Partner Program includes system integrators such as  HCL TechnologiesPraekelt  and  Billennium, SAS providers such as  LiveRampMyelefantTalkPush and  Clevertap; and WebRTC specialists including  LivestormQuobisAnalog RepublictestRTC and  WebRTC Ventures. Nexmo was  recently named in a G2 Crowd report as the most implementable Cloud Communications platform for enterprises, recognized for helping businesses to bring customer experience enhancements to market faster with Nexmo than with any other platform. More at http://www.vonage.com.
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