Akixi offers like-for-like Cisco ECCR replacement solution, Podcast

A like-for-like ECCR replacement solution, minimizing end-user impact, recommended by Cisco, field proven, minimizes migration impacts

“We want to have a like-for-like replacement solution and we also want to help the solution providers to solve this problem,” says Colin Gill, Head of Product and Solutions at Akixi. The Akixi approach, according to Colin, offers a replacement solution that’s easy for end users to adopt, and offers a smooth migration for the service providers. “It’s very important we solve the problem of end of life for ECCR holistically,” adds Colin, which includes minimizing non-budgeted cost impacts, avoiding disruptions, and offering a familiarity to the ed users. In this podcast, Colin is joined by Alexandre Nataf, Leader of Systems Engineering at Cisco, as we walk through the details.

Akixi offers like-for-like Cisco ECCR replacement that’s available now

“We want to make sure that our partners take all the benefits and the values of this transition by simplifying the current way they are operating and maintaining the CCR (Call Center Reporting),” says Alex. “Akixi is the perfect is the perfect solution partner who can help our service providers to make this transition as part of this journey.” Alex adds, “We do recommend Akixi.” We hear how Cisco views Akixi’s approach as making the transition as being a suggested path. Cisco will be working with Akixi at a number of upcoming events to share this information with the community.

Akixi’s solution has already been successfully deployed. Demos are available from Akixi, and Cisco partners can learn more through the Akixi website.


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