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Cloud Connections 2023 CPaaS Showcase

“Our mission is to accelerate the world’s ability to connect,” says Sanjay Srinivasan, Chief Architect, GM, SVP, Business Services of Vonage. According to Srinivasan, CPaaS is critical innovation and innovation is critical to meeting Vonage’s mission of accelerating the way the world connects. In this podcast Srinivasan discusses Vonage’s approach to CPaaS. “Customer journeys and customer service journeys are a dynamic thing and cannot be pre-planned,” adds Srinivasan. “That is it the key thesis we will demonstrate around, being able to be agile and dynamic as you construct this journeys.”

Kevin Nethercott, Managing Partner of the CPaaSAA, who will be hosting, and among a team of judges at the showcase, discusses how he is hoping to see approaches that he’s looking for solutions that use CPaaS to deliver innovative CX, but offer the simplicity of being able to run in the background, noting that the final customer is not concerned with CPaaS but with experience levels of service based on what CPaaS actually delivers. In this discussion of CPaaS with Vonage, the customer result is a central theme.

Kevin Nethercott

Sanjay Srinivasan

This is the final installment of a seven-part podcast series about the CPaaS Showcase. In this series we will not only learn about the importance of this technology but the larger transformative picture of how this technology is set to revolutionize the way people communicate by voice, by video and much more.

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