Cisco’s latest SD-WAN product enhancements, make it easier to deliver exceptional experiences, Podcast

Cisco’s latest SD-WAN product enhancements, make it easier to deliver exceptional experiences while also helping simplify network management, Cisco Podcast

We are really trying to push the envelope in terms of the application experience that users have,” says JL Valente, VP of Product for Enterprise Routing and SD-WAN. Valente explains how Cisco is meeting the demands of the new work environment by taking SD-Wan to a new level, able to meet the challenges posed to the entperise by multiple applications, environments, security needs and the rising expectations of a company’s associates, wherev3r they find themselves, and in whatever task they seek to perform. People want to be able to seamlessly go about their work, and have the same robust and secure access, all the time, from anywhere, basically doing any number of things.

As global enterprises continue to expand SD-WAN deployments, which are increasing in scale and size, the need for more simplified and efficient management grows. The Cisco Networking Cloud vision enables customers to create an enhanced experience for users while helping simplify operations for IT personnel. With Cisco’s latest SD-WAN product enhancements, they’ve made it easier to deliver exceptional experiences while also helping simplify network management.

In this podcast, JL walks us through several key product enhancements to Cisco’s SD-WAN offering.  We learn about a new deployment option or consumption model for SD-WAN connectivity, cloud-delivered Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN.  This new consumption models allows customers to consume SD-WAN as a utility with a flexible subscription consumption model.  Cloud-delivered Catalyst SD-WAN provides a cloud-first experience with automated, rapid on-boarding and single sign-on.

He also shares new closed-loop automation capabilities with Predictive Path Recommendations (PPR). As an integral component of Cisco predictive networks, PPR delivers a predictive network solution for IT personnel to proactively improve application experience. Leveraging advanced algorithms and predictive models, PPR determines the performance and policy compliance of the paths carrying the site application traffic. When performance is below historical benchmarks or SLA, PPR can make recommendations to the IT personnel and automatically implement corrective actions—before impacting users.

And he also gives insights into the newly available Cisco SD-WAN Cloud Hub with AWS Cloud WAN, an integration that provides a dynamic WAN service to rapidly build a global network in a simplified and fully automated manner, within minutes. The solution delivers a secure, on-demand, available middle-mile, leveraging the global AWS backbone.

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