“Clean up the town square”: Tommy Sheahan looks at The Campaign Registry (TCR), public policy and national security, Red Oxygen Podcast

Part 3 of a 3 Part Series on Texting and Regulation and What You Need To Know Now

“Do we want a foreign entity Controlling the data flow of our most ubiquitous communications channel,” asks Tommy Sheahan, CEO and founder of Red Oxygen. “Unfortunately, this is not FCC. FCC this is The Campaign Registry which is owned by Tata.”

In this final segment of a three-part podcast series on SMS, texting, regulation, and the vetting process the carriers have established, Sheahan shares with us his concerns over having large flow of real time communications falling under the oversight of a non-domestic corporation. “Unfortunately, this is not FCC. FCC this is the Campaign Registry which is owned by Tata… We really need the lobby to get the FCC to step up,” adds Sheahan. “We need to stop spam. We need to be held accountable for the person sending the message and the platform delivering the message. So I'm all for that. But we need some consistency. And we need to make sure that the person doing this regulation is in our best interest.”

Red Oxygen is world's first application to person messaging. They provide billing, compliance, and delivery of text messages from our off -the -shelf components for Outlook, Gmail, Excel, or integrating to your ISV platform and provide the same billing, compliance, and delivery.

While Sheahan offers his company’s services as a path for organizations to find a path to compliance, he argues that a boarder solution rests with some leadership from the FCC to fix issues such as inconsistent policies and pricing models, to wider societal issues regarding content. “We have to clean up the town square,” says Sheahan.

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