CPaaS Showcase 2023 Review and Outlook, Podcast

The great CPaaS bakeoff, cookoff, showcase is done. Recently, the leadership of the cloud communications community converged on Fort Lauderdale, where the CPaaS Acceleration Alliance hosted a special CPaaS Showcase as a part of the CCA Cloud Connections 2023 event. The overall winner of the event was BroadSource. Their secure financial transaction solution won $15,000 and a free membership in the CCA, valued at $10,000. In this podcast, Kevin Nethercott (and his signature special CPaaS jacket, worn for the whole special CPaaS Podcast Series), sits down with Doug Green to review the event and discuss what’s next for the Acceleration Alliance and CPaaS itself. At the same time, Kevin reveals just how close the contest was, as the four contesting companies offered not only different approaches to CPaaS but wholly different use cases.

BroadSource won the overall contest and went home with two more wins, getting the nod as the “people’s choice” and catching the commercial viability win, since their use case, the secure collection of, money with a customer credit card, would be such a common and widespread application. BroadSource was also recognized for ease of use.

Meanwhile, Radisys racked up a big score for innovation, after doing a live demonstration of what Nethercott described as “an elegant API” that enabled direct translation between Mandarin and English in what could be a contact center agent to customer use case. Braidio came in with yet a different approach, offering large enterprise like messaging and engagement tools that could be made available to smaller firms. Vonage came in with a solution that was somewhat like Radisys but offered critical sentiment analysis and got the nod for integration as their solution was seen as working smoothly with platforms such as Salesforce.

“They all did an excellent job,” said Kevin, noting that all four solutions were not only demonstrated as fully operational but are ready to go, available for commercial deployment, today.

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