Personal touch, flexible model, sees Crexendo outpace market, Podcast

Crexendo Breaks Records with Outstanding 36% User Surge in 2023, Podcast, Second Part

“Our secret sauce is everybody works hard,” says Jeff Korn CEO at Crexendo. “Everybody at the company will do what's necessary and frankly our customer services I said before a second to none and if you have a problem you can pick up the phone, you can call Doug Gaylor, you can call me, you can call our vice presidents and we will answer and we will work to resolve it. Give that a shot at Microsoft that is never going to happen and that is one of the reasons we are now being able to pull customers who are leaving the number one and number two platform providers in the country.”

In this podcast Korn is joined by President and COO of Crexendo, Doug Gaylor. Gaylor points out that the company’s high rate of growth is occurring on two levels. 220 licensees selling the platform experienced significant growth and 21 new platform providers are selling the platform. “And those platform providers are… coming from Microsoft and coming from Cisco and coming from Asterix and other platforms out there,” says Gaylor. “And then we're also seeing a lot of individual growth coming from our direct customers as well. We saw 11% organic growth just in that sector just in Q3.” Gaylor note that Crexendo has grown larger than 8x8.

“If somebody needs all soft phones, great if somebody wants to go with all mobility, that's no problem,” adds Gaylor. We learn how Crexendo is helping customers makes wins with CPaaS and AI. “If somebody mentions a word We can have that trigger an action to bring a sales manager or bringing a supervisor onto that call immediately So that they can handle the situation maybe better than the customer service agent that's handling that call So we're seeing a lot of applications for AI and the best part about a dug is that these applications They used to be fortune 500, Fortune 1000 type applications because they were so expensive.”

Crexendo’s flexible model allows for customization and scale. The model can be suited for a small organization or a large enterprise. We hear that this model, combined with a hands-on approach, and a personal level of involvement by the leadership team, is driving growth.


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