Enreach’s Nijhuis: AI in the hands of the public, Podcast

AI becomes real, reachable, and democratic.

“AI is now out of the laboratory and into the hands of the public,” says Stijn Nijhuis, CEO of Enreach. Every now and then, we pass through a time when one can sense an era ending and an era beginning. Authors, writers, and futurists have been describing the ‘digital society since the appearance of the first non-defense purposed computers began to appear over sixty years ago to preforms functions such as billing, airline reservations and other big data functions. But 2023 seems to offer a change as significant at the appearance of the first laptop, or smartphone: AI for everyone. According to Nijhuis, AI’s arrival in the hands of the public, also means that AI’s gifts and challenges, AI’s strengths, and area for improvement, are on full display. And just like those other moments of change, it’s a good idea to be open to what will come and partner with companies that have already been working on the details.

In this podcast we learn how Enreach has been preparing itself and their customers for this moment. “We have made that technology very affordable and very accessible to the SMB,” adds Nijhuis. We learn how even the smallest organizations will be able to make big gains with what’s being called a democratization of technology, meaning AI solutions that not only scale for operation but also scale on cost.  We also hear how the concurrent macro-economic challenges of the times and micro economic challenges of the small firm to find staff, and to control costs, make accessible AI a way to improve sales, customer experiences, agent and employee experiences and in turn, build scalable businesses that can be remain efficient, when and where growth occurs.

Enreach's Conversational AI technology has just earned an award ... for more info, please see the press release and the award download page: https://enreach.com/en/company/frost-award-2023.

More at www.enreach.com.



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