Infobip sees new frontiers of opportunity on fast growing platforms, Podcast

‘Behind the scenes’ industry leader is behind rising CX and rising CX expectations

“We're really excited about the rise of AI, and I think everybody in technology is very excited about the rise of AI,” says Ethan Gustav the Group President of North America for Infobip. In this podcast recorded in the run up to MWC 2024, Gustav updates us on Infobip and how exciting technology changes are unfolding.

“We're really excited about that because basically what it does is it takes the core of our portfolio, which is this incredible high quality, global reaching connectivity in all these different communication modalities. And it basically makes them intelligent, and it supercharges them. Chatbots have been around for a while and there's been some very cool use cases and I think some really positive ROI to the customer experience with chatbots. But basically, this just puts them all on steroids and is a step factor to taking these capabilities to the next level. So, we're excited about interactive AI, the ability for a bot to call on different and sometimes disparate software and services and APIs and really pull together an experience that solves a consumer's problem.”

Gustav describes Infobip as a “behind the scenes company”, one of those firms whose products and services you have likely experienced, without knowing it was Infobip. We generally work with major enterprises and major brands globally. We also work very closely with wireless operators as partners and customers. But basically, what we do is we provide a number of different communication modalities, channels, if you will, across messaging, voice, video, email.” Part of that story is delivering great, seamless CX, right to people’s smartphones, while keeping those same devices and processes as free from fraud, spam, and other abuses, as possible.

Meanwhile, the way people communicate, do commerce and work, is changing. “I really do think that we're going to be at a point where some of the rich channels, so like RCS, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Kakao Talk, all across the globe, I think we're really going to see the emergence of these channels really take off.”


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