Phonism and Snom Partnership is Game changing in Hot Zoom Phone Market, Podcast

SnomPhonism and Snom Partnership: Phonism Streamlines Configuration of Snom’s M500 DECT Systems and SIP Phones for Zoom Phone Resellers

“Phonism supports the Snom family of devices,” says Steve Lazaridis CEO Phonism. Commenting on a recent joint announcement on Snom’s M500 DECT Systems family, Steve tells us how the Snom-Phonism collaboration empowers distributors of Zoom Video Communications, Inc. globally offered Zoom Phone to have a seamless zero-touch deployment and installation experience for the Snom M500 DECT phone system and other Snom-certified SIP devices.

Marc Magliano, Snom Americas’ Vice President-Channel Business, joins Steve in this podcast, as we learn how the Phonism announcement on the M500 family, adds to a Snom story of opportunity for the channel. Snom, a pioneer in offering a one siloed industry, new choices with SIP, now brings together, “European fit and finish”, a large R&D and manufacturing arm, deep experience in commercial terminals, and now with innovations that save on truck rolls for the channels on products that match user needs in the Zoom era. Zero-touch provisioning and means time savings and labor savings for channels. The DECT capacity, enables channels to navigate user needs in places where installing cable would be expensive and/or awkward.

“You now have the ability to just plug and play a full featured DECT system, and you’re up and running,” says Marc. A process which might have occupied hours or days, is not done in minutes.  Customer experiences are measurably improved. Channel costs and time are reduced. Steve notes that the M500 family is a complete solution set, that meets customers’ needs on desks, walls, and mobility options.

We also learn how the partnership delivers devices that meet user security needs, however they are a deployed.

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