Q Advisors at CPaaS Showcase, CCA Podcast Series, Part 4

Cloud Connections 2023 CPaaS Showcase

“What I’d like to see is more customer engagement, maybe more vertically tailored type solutions,” says Jordan Rupar, Managing Director at Q Advisors. At the upcoming CPaaS Showcase at the CCA’s first ever Cloud Connections event, Rupar will be among a team of judges, assessing leading CPaaS solutions. In this segment of our podcast series on the event, Rupar notes that she will look for the basic building blocks of communications, enabling voice, SMS, security, and other things, for the CSPs. However, she is hoping to see things that might allow a customer to seamlessly use different ways to communicate, all in one interaction. “Can I start a conversation in voice, transition to SMS, an end up in WhatsApp?” For Rupar, enabling customers to communicate where they are or where they begin, is something that CPaaS can deliver.

“This isn’t a rip and replace,” Kevin Nethercott, Managing Partner of the CPaaSAA, who will be hosting and joining Rupar on the panel of judges, notes that CPaaS has a consumption model, where organizations can buy what they need. Nethercott sees that as making CPaaS an incremental opportunity, something that smaller firms can afford to begin working on, item by item. That scaling and incrementalism means the CPaaS can be an opportunity for the community to sell CPaaS based innovations to smaller firms.

Kevin Nethercott

Jordan Rupar

This is part four of our seven-part podcast series about the CPaaS Showcase. In this series we will not only learn about the importance of this technology but the larger transformative picture of how this technology is set to revolutionize the way people communicate by voice, by video and much more.



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