Ribbon enables the Google SIP Link to participate in corporate infrastructure providing additional security and user features, Podcast

Recently announced Ribbon integration with Google SIP Link provides significant enhancement to Google VoIP Services. Ribbon SBCs have been certified to work with Google SIP link. Gordan Eddy discusses the enhancements to Google SIP Link with Don Witt of The Channel Daily News, a TR publication.

In addition to selecting their own telecom provider they are provided security, legacy connectivity for analog TDM lines, migration support from old PBX systems and continued support for those PBX systems that need to stay connected. Resiliency and failover are also provided.

For channel partners, this provides a new combined offering that opens up additional sales opportunities for the Ribbon Channel. Listen in to learn more about the channel details.

Google SIP Link requires a Google-certified SBC to act as a bridge between Google Voice and an organization’s telecom provider. The session border controller provides multiple functions:

  • Security – it acts as a voice-aware firewall, protecting the voice traffic itself and it prevents bad actors from entering the data network via the voice network
  • Interoperability – Ribbon’s SBCs can adjust key deployment parameters to best match your telecom provider’s requirements, making SIP Link setup easy and trouble-free
  • Legacy Connectivity – many organizations still have analog phones, elevator phones, door phones, and fax machines. Ribbon’s hardware-based SBCs have analog ports (FXS and FXO) to keep these assets connected and available.
  • Migration – organizations may have technical or business requirements that require the old PBX to stay connected for an extended period. Ribbon SBCs can provide SIP forking and simultaneous ringing so that both Google Voice and the legacy PBX share connectivity.
  • Resiliency or Failover – Ribbon SBCs have multiple options to manage disruptions in service depending on the deployment model. These tools can keep your organization connected even if the unexpected happens.

For more information, go to: https://ribboncommunications.com/solutions/enterprise-solutions/securing-communications-sip-trunks/google-voice-sip-link



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