SIPPIO announces Fast Track Program to accelerate Carriers and Service Providers to Microsoft Operator Connect and Zoom Provider Exchange, CCA Podcast

Onboarding. Automation. Customer Readiness. Customer Engagement. These are the four pillars of SIPPIO’s fast track program to accelerate carriers and service providers to Microsoft Operator Connect and Zoom Provider Exchange. Onboarding and automation are must haves to be an Operator Connect or Zoom Provider network. Customer readiness and customer engagement are two pillars SIPPIO has added because, according to Dawn-Marie Elder, COO and GM at SIPPIO, “…because although you need to know the tool set and the infrastructure in order to support your customers, you also need to know a lot about your customers in order to understand their evolving needs as their looking to transition their traditional telco needs to the world of collaboration.”

In this podcast, we learn how SIPPIO views the customer experiences and customer needs to be critical and how their partnerships and offerings have been developed with eyes not only focused on the mechanics, but on the actual people, companies and organizations that will use these services. Understanding, knowing, and then matching their needs, creates a value driven approach. Elder breaks down the process of making things, such as the boarding, simple and easy to follow. In a very competitive market, every part of the experience matters, so onboarding must be smooth and successful, but then SIPPIO works to deliver intel back to the carriers so that the carriers are keeping up with the changing needs of their customers.  The much discussed, but hard to achieve, customer trusted advisor relationship, can be achieved by the carriers, but only through making sure these steps and needs are met and met well.


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