Snom Awarded 2024 Visionary Spotlight Award for Snom’s Partner Program, Podcast

Snom recognized as visionary leader, as brand recognition rises, Snom can brand for MSPs very quickly

Channel Vision Magazine has awarded Snom’s Partner Program with their 2024 Visionary Spotlight Award. In this podcast we learn that the award affirms the goals Marc Magliano, Snom’s Vice President, Channel Business for the Americas and Antoine Karachekhlian, Snom’s North America Channel Director, laid out as they laid out a plan to build Snom’s band and Snom’s channel program.

“A solid channel partner program is the heart and soul of your channel,” says Mark. “It helps you build that awareness, and the brand awareness is something, quite honestly, that has challenged us over the past few years but with your help, and others like you, over the past 12 to 18 months, we've made strides and now you see Snom everywhere… Our partner Partner program helps us deliver and drive value to our MSPs and resellers, just right across the board.”

“We've added, I think the number now is over 250 new MSP resellers. We've increased our breadth of partnerships in the ITSP community. We have significantly more partners that are co-branding or branding our technology to their customer base. Things have really exploded for us. Again, I couldn't be more thrilled.,” adds Mark.

Building a Brand that Brands

As the Snom brand has grown in visibility, Snom has been using its manufacturing power to help their MSP clients, brand their brand. “Everybody can brand, but us our parent company being a manufacturer and we get our stuff directly, you know, from the factory makes us more nimble, and quick, to react to that branding thing, the aspect of the business,” says Antoine. “We can brand products as small as a couple of hundred, whereas they're doing a couple of thousands. And that speaks to our power, basically, of how we can deliver.”

In Stock

Many customers took notice of Snom, as Covid disrupted overly extended supply chains. With two warehouses in North America, Snom is not only a manufacturer but also a company that maintains available stock. We learn about their fast, advanced replacement ability. We also discuss a personal approach. Customers needing help, replacements, or assistance with making a sale, can get directly on the phone or online with Snom’s leadership team and get personalized attention. A partner program is about the products sold, but it also depends on people, support, logistics and quality.


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