Snom D865, Snom D862 game changing router phone that matches small site challenges, Podcast

Telin says the demand is already high.

“Now the phone can act as that router,” says Antoine Karachekhlian, Channel Director, North America for Snom. In this podcast Antoine joins Spencer Lee, CEO of Telin, as we report on the release of the Snom D865 and Snom D862 in Canada and the United States, specifically geared towards the 3CX market. As Antoine explains, the ability of the phone to act as a router, radically changes the footprint of equipment needed on-prem for a business and reduces the number of items to be installed when a channel partner does a refresh for the small business clients. In this case the phone itself can act as a gateway. Antoine also tells us about how these new Snom, phones leverage 3CX features.

“This is a fantastic news coming out of Snom, says Spencer Lee of Telin. Spencer tells us how the router phone makes a common challenge much easier to match. Many even larger firms, consist of small stores. Each store is like a small business, and it not well suited for the complexity of an installation involving SBCs and more. The router phone delivers the security needed, the technology refresh required, all in a robust package which the actual end user customer will experience. Spencer says there’s already high dealer interest because they can easily scale and match this solution to many already existing customers

The Snom D865 is designed to be versatile to meet many tasks and applications. The phone is equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth and 2 USB ports as well as 10 freely programmable function keys. In addition, it comes with a high-quality, 40° continuously adjustable 5″ LCD screen, which always ensures an optimal display, regardless of the lighting situation at the workplace. The end point also comes with HD audio, works with advanced noise reduction. It is also hearing aid compatible.

The Snom D862 offers an entry-level device for the Snom D8xx series and is ideally suited for any desk with its elegant design. Equipped with a high-quality, 40° continuously adjustable 5″ LCD screen, it always offers a very good overview, regardless of the lighting situation at the workplace. The 8 freely programmable function keys are ideal as BLF keys or for storing speed dials and a variety of other functions.

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