TelcoBridges Announces Availability of ProSBC Session Border Controller as a Service, Podcast

This week, TelcoBridges, a leading designer and manufacturer of carrier-grade session border controller software, announced availability of their award-winning ProSBC session border controller software as a fully-managed service. ProSBC as a service includes a product license subscription, with a bundle of professional service hours to instantiate, configure, integrate, test and monitor the client’s SBC. The service is billed monthly with incentives for long duration contracts. Benefits include fast deployment, less time training, expert configuration, high reliability and peace of mind with 24×7 monitoring.

In this podcast, Alan Percy, CMO at TelcoBridges discusses the big advantages of buying ProSBC as a service. “We have customers who have maybe a little bit older network equipment, maybe soft switches, and to implement stir -shaking, we can drop a ProSBC as a service in the call path, and we can do either the authentication or the verification service for them very, very quickly, says Percy. He also looks at companies where the as a service model might, “…reduce their own labor costs and make their businesses more agile.” STIR/SHAKEN, call routing, robocall mitigation, DDoS and DOS protections are among a a set of SBC applications, which will now be available with the convenience and potential savings of an as a service model.


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