Cloud Communications Alliance Highlights What 2022 Has in Store for the Cloud Communications Market

The world of cloud communications has continued to shift, and the Cloud Communications Alliance has released our latest ebook evaluating the trends we’ve seen develop during 2021 – along with exciting predictions for 2022. While the industry has faced many changes, communications companies are still able to adapt and thrive.

How Sales Processes Have Changed

The research undertaken for the ebook shows that providers are now more hesitant to change platforms, with a 15% increase in those who report having no desire to change the systems they use. 

Those who are considering changing platforms are motivated by an increase in functionality and a desire to avoid developing their own platform.

Third-party integration is another driving force among providers that are looking to change platforms. With the wealth of third-party services available today, having the ability to integrate these services efficiently and effectively is vital for many providers.

Proprietary platforms are in use by 47% of providers, with this being a major contributing factor in the reluctance to change platforms, regardless of current performance. Only 18% of providers report that they are currently looking for new platform options.

The Challenges and Opportunities Facing Providers in 2022

While the continued rise in cloud communications has required many organizations to decide on a cloud communications provider, some businesses are still going without. 

74% of businesses without cloud communications providers will change that over the next two years. This will account for nearly 25 million new cloud communications users by 2025 in European markets alone.

Within the industry, cloud hyperscalers are seen as the most significant threat to cloud communications providers. These are large organizations like Microsoft and Zoom that have the ability to rapidly scale and insert themselves into new markets, potentially threatening established providers.

In order to remain competitive, cloud communications providers will have to focus on added security features and other key incentives. Moving into mobile spaces is another essential area of focus for providers, along with providing communications platform as a service (CPaaS) features.

Further In-Depth Industry Information for 2021 and 2022

The market has revealed many new developments that cloud communications providers can take advantage of. Among the top trends that will define 2022 and the years following will be an increased focus on:

  • Security
  • Mobility
  • Integration
  • Video and collaboration tools
  • Customer engagement

For more details on the developments of 2021 and the expected trends for 2022, download a copy of the latest Cloud Communications Alliance ebook.

Cloud Communications Alliance

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