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Video Conferencing, Mobile Applications, Business Text Messaging enables Alianza to deliver winning combo to service providers, Podcast

March 17, 2021

Video conferencing, mobile applications, business text messaging are among the acquisition driven services that Alianza has grouped together in what the company sees as a winning approach to a new season and era of choices for service providers. “For the first time, in the service provider landscape, Alianza is able to bring to market that full suite of services ranging from Alianza’s traditional strength in voice applications, now bundled with business text messaging add on, and then the CounterPath acquisition that brings cloud meetings, collaboration, enterprise messaging and (CounterPath’s experience in) softphone clients for both fixed and mobile,” says Brian Beutler, Alianza’s CEO and Co-Founder.  In this podcast, Beutler walks us through these recent acquisitions and explains how the companies, running together, offer not only more services for partners to resell, but basically enable partners to compete and win with other offerings coming from outside the cloud communications community. “Think beyond the low hanging fruit that the Unified Communications market has been attacking for the last ten years,” adds Beutler. “We have to turn our attention to the other 8o% of the market,” Beutler says, urging the partners to go beyond traditional office settings to the environments most people work in, and where Beutler sees an untapped opportunity.

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