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Viirtue’s ViiBE Platform Set to Change Industry, Podcast

May 16, 2023

Viirtue attracting investment capital, churning out new services, charges up channel portfolios.

“That ViiBE Platform is absolutely going to change this industry,” says Eric Brooker, Chief Revenue and Chief Marketing Officer of Viirtue. Brooker describes ViiBE as “the Airbnb for the MSPs”, a unique resource where partners can access Viirtue and a “myriad” of Viirtue’s curated suppliers. Brooker is convinced ViiBE is a tectonic shift for the MSP community.

In this podcast, Viirtue’s CEO, Dan Rosenrauch joins Brooker in exploring Viirtue’s innovations and the way the company seeks to punch up the offering channel partners are taking to market. “For the last several years we’ve obsessively listened to our partner feedback and let them guide our product development,” says Rosenrauch, adding that the company’s product roadmap is drawn by partner needs, partner feedback and partner experiences. The firm’s ability to attract capital may well reflect its focus on being channel driven. Brooker, who is relatively new to the firm, observes that the company’s customer first focus reflects an inner corporate culture that values team members and listens to team member voices. In this podcast we learn about product rollouts occurring in Q2, the roll of inbound investments to enable the firm to meet the channel’s needs, and how the firm’s performance is already a contrast to many firms in the spaces.



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