CCA Members In The News launches new partner program, Podcast

June 09, 2021

“Bring your own device, or bring your own solution,” says Philippe L’H Thiffeault, Sales Director of Thiffeault explains that can be used as either a hosted PBX or as a SIP Trunking provider. In this podcast we learn how this very diversified company has been rolling out a new partner program. According to Thiffeault, the program received over two hundred responses not long after its launch. “It was really well received,” said Thiffeault. We learn that the program is simple, comprehensive, and easy to assume for the partner. According to Thiffeault a key benefit is how can take care of billing and tax issues, which can be complex, time consuming and expensive to administer. “Its an easier way to offer VoIP services, where they can install those services, and after that we take care of everything related to billing and tax services.” The hiring of a tax consultant alone can chew into the profits of many deployments. This program basically bypasses that eventuality and streamlines the administrative and back-office issues, freeing the MSP to basically sell more.



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