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Vonage delivers a powerhouse of communications and collaboration with a great employee and customer experience Part 2, Podcast

July 18, 2023

Vonage has managed to assemble a communications platform that captures and inspires the 1.15 million developers’ creative entrepreneurial spirits to envision tomorrow and deliver it today. Vonage’s core includes cloud native, SaaS native, security first and data driven characteristics which provides the creativity power developers need to construct applications that respond to the customers needs.

Sanjay Macwan, CIO, CISO at Vonage Speaks with Don Witt of The Chanel Daily News about businesses and how they can ensure security while migrating from a PBX to the cloud.  There are many benefits in moving to the cloud including ROI, financial as well as the employee and customer experience. Vonage enhances the cloud solution with Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

Of course, Vonage is involved in AI and is seeing more significant adoption of AI-enabled automation across all enterprise workflows and processes. The number of routine clerical and administrative functions can, and will, increasingly be fulfilled by AI-enabled solutions. Listen in for more very informative discussion about Vonage and the Industry.

Now we’re talking! Technology is supposed to make things easier. Right? So, why does the business communications business seem to make things so complicated? It’s simple to Vonage: They want you to understand their unified communications solutions without needing a PhD. They want to maximize the impact and minimize the jargon. They don’t want to work with celebrity spokespeople. They’re too busy working with businesses and developers. They don’t care about their technology being fancy, they want it to be so good you forget about it. Because it’s not about how advanced the technology is, it’s about what you can do with it. They’re keeping communications how they should be: straightforward. Now we’re talking. It is all about the experience!

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