911 Enable Launches Product for Hosted IP-PBX Providers

911 Enable Launches Revolutionary New Product for Hosted IP-PBX Providers Using Broadsoft BroadWorks

MONTREAL, Oct. 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — 911 Enable, the industry expert in E911 for IP telephony, today announced the launch of the Service Provider Emergency Gateway (SP-EGW), the industry’s first E911 management platform for hosted IP-PBX providers. The SP-EGW enables hosted IP-PBX providers to include advanced E911 functionality in their cloud-based communications service offering, and simplifies compliance with E911 regulations. The SP-EGW is a hardware appliance deployed within the service provider’s network and is compatible with the Broadsoft BroadWorks system. 911 Enable’s SP-EGW was designed in response to a number of key, specific issues that are of concern to IP-PBX providers: the need for a solution to help meet state E911 regulations, the need to minimize liability, and the need to save money on initial setup and ongoing management of E911. With the rapid growth of cloud-based solutions within the marketplace, IP-PBX providers are now better positioned than ever to target larger clients. But with this development numerous issues have arisen, such as that of complying with state-mandated E911 regulations. To respond to this issue, the SP-EGW enables automatic IP device tracking, allowing service providers to have their tenants delineate “emergency zones” to a high level of granularity (e.g. floor, room) and eliminate concerns regarding phone mobility. This ensures tenants can provide their users with precise, up to date E911 services, and helps service providers meet the strictest state and/or municipal E911 regulations. The SP-EGW solves the challenges of liability by minimizing human error associated with provisioning phones by automatically tracking IP devices on a tenant’s network. As tenant IP devices are moved/added/changed, the SP-EGW automatically updates their locations in its database. This eliminates the need to manually administer the locations of tenant IP devices, simplifying management and reducing errors and costs. The SP-EGW is designed to seamlessly work with 911 Enable’s Emergency Routing Service (ERS), a monthly subscription service that delivers 911 calls and accurate caller-location information to Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) across the US and Canada. Together, the SP-EGW and ERS represent the industry’s first and only end-to-end E911 solution for hosted IP-PBX providers. The SP-EGW also includes a number of additional features that add value for tenants, including a robust set of on-site security notification capabilities, 911 misdial protection, call recording, and more. “The SP-EGW and the ERS work together to comprise a complete E911 solution, from A-to-Z. Its release represents an evolution in the E911 industry for service providers,” said Lev Deich, director of 911 Enable. “Hosted IP-PBX providers using BroadWorks can now offer their tenants E911 functionality which was previously only available to organizations with their own on-site IP-PBX. The SP-EGW gives service providers a competitive edge in the marketplace, and will help them secure customers concerned with E911.” 911 Enable will be hosting a webinar on October 25 highlighting the SP-EGW and how it works. To register, visit  http://www.911enable.com/newsletters/03102011/newsletter_03_10_2011_email.html. To learn how the SP-EGW for Broadsoft BroadWorks can help you differentiate your offering, visit us online at www.911enable.com/spegw, call 1-866-661-3218, or send us an email at  sales@911enable.com. Visit www.911enable.com.
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