Going Beyond Call Centre Analytics with Kakapo Systems

We discuss contact centres and analytics with Kakapo Systems

Today, many companies across the unified communications marketplace agree that the only real way to get ahead of the competition is to offer an experience that no-one else can provide. Today’s customers want to connect with brands in a host of different ways, using a range of platforms, and they expect to get the same high-quality responses every time. This leaves a lot of businesses scrambling to find the  contact centre solutions that can properly serve their rapidly-evolving needs. How Important is Call Centre Analytics to Customer Experience? The first question I brought to Steve, queried how important call analytics is to companies who want to improve the customer experience ( CX). He told me that while call centre analytics are important, they’re only one piece of the puzzle. “These metrics are crucial in the contact centre space, because they show companies where people are waiting in the queue, where they’re losing customers, and even where the bottlenecks might be. However, as useful as the graphs and numbers are, there also needs to be a system in place that allows brands to do something with the information they collect.” Tutt also said that he thinks it’s important for partners and sellers to be able to draw a map of productivity for customers.
“Every business is different, so you need to be able to see where the peaks and troughs are for an end user and show them what they need to do to evolve.”
For Steve, and Kakapo Systems in general, the lines between analytics, an overarching contact centre solution and  CRM are blurring. “It’s about getting the analytics, responding to them in an actionable way, and coming up with a better CRM experience all in the same contact centre stack.” Why is Cloud a Better Option than an On-Premises Solution? One of the things that differentiate Kakapo Systems from other contact centre solution providers, is that they’ve always been on the cloud. That’s something that they feel differentiates them in a positive way for their customers. “There are no servers to deploy your system, and for UK resellers, our solutions work on any  BroadSoft platform, so  you can essentially jump in and deploy our systems within 10 minutes.” Kakapo Systems have a lot of unique solutions in the  analytics space. With their dashboard service, they have 80 analytics available to run live on the screen at any moment, and people can render the information with graphical elements too so that data is transformed into actionable information. Steve said:
“When it comes to our cloud solution, customers have the freedom to add and remove things as they like, which ensures a better user experience. People can simply optimise their Kakapo experience so that they know it’s got all the features they need for their business.”
Essentially, Kakapo Systems is offering clients the single pane of glass experience that they’re looking for in this rapidly evolving marketplace. Now that there’s so many different analytical elements to keep track of, it’s important for those providing contact centre solutions to provide their customers with all the information they need in a way that’s meaningful and supportive to them.
“Your customers need a quick picture of what’s happening, and what they need to do to improve customer experience.”
Is AI Starting to Play a Role in Analytics? With so many different channels to keep track of and constant new demands from customers in the marketplace, developers are responding to the trends of analytics with new and disruptive technology like AI and machine learning. I asked Steve whether he thinks that  artificial intelligence has a role to play in the contact centre analytics world.
“AI definitely has a role to play. A lot of mundane inquiries can be dealt with much easier through AI, and this means that a lot of people are looking at how they can streamline businesses processes and categorise the information coming in so that they know whether to push people towards  bots or towards customer service agents.”
While there’s certainly a lot of hype around AI, Kakapo Systems still find that the human contact centre agent is an important component of the customer experience journey. “A lot of our contact centres are deployed in the B2C space, where real value is handled through customer conversations. We don’t see a lot of AI entering these spaces right now, but we do have tools already available to help streamline the agent and visitor interactions with automated responses and context menus.” What’s Next Going Forward?
“The great part is that customers get to choose the experience that’s right for them.”
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