Maximizing Profits and Competitiveness with Telecom Common Language

Network Element Resellers Can Maximize Profits and Competitiveness by Speaking the Common Language of the Telecom Ecosystem

iconectiv TruOps Common Language® enables resellers to meet customer demand with an industry-standard resource for quickly and accurately identifying and classifying network equipment 

BRIDGEWATER, NJ - May 31, 2023 - Resellers of network elements and equipment play a critical role in the telecom ecosystem by supplying communication service providers (CSPs) with the infrastructure they need to meet demand for mobile, fiber and other telecom services. To fulfill that demand, resellers need to determine the model, capabilities, version and other key attributes of each piece of equipment quickly and accurately. That process is challenging due to factors such as network element provider (NEP) mergers, acquisitions and proprietary equipment-identification methods. Every hour spent inspecting a piece of equipment and then tracking down all of its key information erodes profit margins. It also undermines NEP resellers’ ability to deliver the correct equipment on schedule so their customers can meet their buildout, upgrade targets and/or more effectively maintain their networks. A new use case explores how  iconectiv TruOps Common Language® helps resellers meet demand, stay competitive and maximize both revenue and margins by providing access to authoritative information about nearly 600,000 pieces of equipment from 1,000 NEPs. The Common Language® CLEI™ Code is a globally unique barcode identifier that NEPs physically affix to their products and packaging before they’re sold. With a CLEI Barcode XML Extract subscription, network element resellers simply scan the equipment’s barcode to access over 20 fields of key information that’s updated bi-weekly, including:
  • Equipment data for all records registered in the Common Language Equipment Repository. This enables resellers to overcome challenges associated with the variety of proprietary methods that NEPs use to identify their equipment.
  • Inventory data including the barcode labeling and barcode verification data used by many systems to identify equipment.
  • Vendor data with historical information about buyouts, mergers, acquisitions or name changes, as well as whether the equipment is active or inactive.
A CLEI Code subscription eliminates the time and expense of manual research and the risk of guesswork. It helps resellers maximize revenue by rapidly determining the identity and key attributes of a pallet of equipment, so its contents can be resold quickly, which also increases customer satisfaction with faster access to inventory. “Common Language is the trusted, go-to resource for CSPs, network element providers, tower/site companies and fiber/backhaul providers, making it a must-have resource for network element resellers that want to optimize their workflow, competitiveness, profits and customer satisfaction,” said Peter Ford, Executive Vice President of Information Solutions. For more information about how network element resellers can use Common Language, download the use case from  TruOps Common Language Use Case NETWORK ELEMENT RESELLERS.pdf (
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