Telestax Releases Restcomm Call Queuing, Bringing Robust Call Center Capability to New Markets and Businesses

As cloud-based contact center growth surges, Telestax helps communication providers remain competitive with new call center features now included in the Restcomm platform.

Austin, TX - February 18, 2020 - Today, Telestax, a leading global CPaaS enablement and application provider to the communications industry announced the release of Call Queuing for the Restcomm CPaaS platform. Call Queuing is easy to deploy, fully supports the Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) model, and provides immediate ROI for cloud-based contact centers as this feature is now included as part of the Restcomm CPaaS offering.

According to a recent market research report from Mordor Intelligence, the cloud-based contact center market accounted for $13.17 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $49.12 billion by 2025, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 25 percent. With such growth, the demand for Call Queuing is likely to increase significantly.

Telestax Call Queuing is well-positioned to support this growth by allowing businesses of any size to roll out their own contact centers and scale agents, without the need to purchase new hardware. Any agent with an internet browser can directly call into the queue and begin taking customer calls.

“The new Call Queuing application is another example of how Telestax is able to quickly expand services that customers need to meet strategic goals,” said Ameed Jamous, Founder and CTO at TelecomsXChange (TCXC). “A contact center can set up Call Queuing in a matter of hours, and with just two phone numbers that organization can begin taking calls in a more streamlined manner. We think this will significantly empower TCXC’s  call center customers to scale their business and ours.”

Telestax Call Queuing is built on the Restcomm platform, utilized by communications companies globally for CPaaS solutions.

“Our current customers will be delighted to know that our new Call Queuing application is embedded within Restcomm, the world’s number one CPaaS enablement platform,” said Kevin Nethercott, Chief Commercial Officer at Telestax. “Through our partners, Call Queuing is now available to a variety of enterprise organizations that traditionally have been unable to afford large scale contact center solutions.”

With Restcomm Call Queuing, incoming calls are placed in a queue and distributed to the next available agent in the order received. This allows businesses to serve customers promptly while optimizing agent resources.

A cloud-based solution, Call Queuing requires one phone number for callers, and another for agents. Calls are routed on a first-in, first-out (FIFO) basis. Call Queuing features easy setup in hours not days, unlimited scalability, and flexible deployment. With Call Queuing, contact centers can maximize resources, cut costs, and improve customer experience.

For the communications industry, Telestax offers a bring your own carrier (BYOC) feature as well as whitelabel options to expand existing services as businesses build out their contact centers.

Call Queuing enables businesses to deploy contact center capability and to scale quickly, offering an improved customer experience while saving time and money. The Call Queuing application is available immediately. More information about Restcomm Call Queuing can be found at

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