VozTelecom expands its connectivity proposal with a Secure Fiber solution with automatic 4G Backup

  • The operator offers its customers to maintain Internet access in the event of an incident or outage in the main Fiber access
  • VozTelecom offers different professional fiber options so that customers have additional protection measures
December 13, 2022 - VozTelecom has announced that it expanded its connectivity proposal for SMEs in the Spanish market with a new Secure Fiber solution that offers professional accesses of up to 1Gb symmetrical with automatic 4G Backup so that its clients continue to have Internet access in the event of a service outage or incident fiber. At the moment the incident occurs, Backup 4G is automatically activated without the need for customers to have to report the incident to VozTelecom's technical support service. With VozTelecom's 4G Backup, the company will have an effective backup solution for both voice and data traffic and without limits, since 4G Backup includes a mobile line with unlimited GB, so that the company can continue connected up to Fiber service is restored. VozTelecom's 4G Backup solution is totally different from other proposals on the market that either limit the GB of data included, or limit the use of backup to data traffic, not being possible to make calls in case of main access failure fiber. Thanks to the  VozTelecom Secure Fiber, companies will be able to have a robust, quality and always available Internet connection that guarantees all internal and external communications of all employees, as well as ensuring the continuity of their businesses and maintaining communication with your clients. Among the various connection options offered by the operator, VozTelecom customers can choose between different professional fiber accesses that provide additional protection mechanisms:
  • Automatic 4G backup that allows voice and data traffic to continue in the event that the main access suffers an incident.
  • Intelligent management of internal network traffic, prioritizing the most critical traffic such as voice over data, as well as internal traffic over external, to maximize network performance.
  • External traffic prioritized with respect to the traffic generated by other residential Fiber accesses. In the event of network saturation, users with professional access will have priority to access the Internet.
  • Constant and real-time monitoring of the network, to guarantee that users receive the maximum flow available at all times.
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