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Vonage, starting with end-user VoIP service, now adds business services with the quality businesses demand

Now a 15 year old company, Vonage is maturing as one of the largest cloud communications providers in the world. First servicing end-users, Vonage now supports 2 business solutions which provide quality and reliability to the business client, as described by Sanjay Srinivasan, Vonage Chief Architect, to Don Witt of...

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IPFone Marks 20 Years of Success

IPFone is a full-service telecommunications provider. The company was founded 20 years ago as a firm offering telephony services. Since then they have evolved into a company offering advanced cloud communications services. In this podcast Damian Chmielewski, President/CEO of IPFone, discusses how the company has changed overtime and how today...

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Cloud Communications Alliance Set To Meet In Amsterdam

Just before communications professionals gather for European VoIP Summit in Amsterdam, the members of the Cloud Communications Alliance (CCA) will hold their European meeting. The CCA event will be held at the THE COLLEGE HOTEL, Roelof Hartstraat  in Amsterdam on October 10.  In this podcast, Rob Kurver, CCA’s Europe VP,...

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