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Enreach builds a strong brand in the European market based on combining telco, software, business savvy and vision, Podcast

February 14, 2022

“We are both a telco and a software provider,” says Stijn Nijhuis, CEO of Enreach. In the cloud and collaboration era, where silos are disdained and combined experiences expected, Enreach brings expertise in several markets and disciplines to multiple national European markets, to offer a unique partner that simply knows and understands each regional economy and each technology in play. You can work these markets on your own and you can try to bring these technologies together or consider Enreach partnership to leverage hard won knowledge and experience in each. In this podcast Nijhuis makes the case for Enreach, outlining the complexity of the vast EU, European and UK markets, explaining that significant cultural, economic, political and regulatory differences exist, even between neighboring nations. In one nation, the focus might now be entirely mobile, in another the expectation might still be to get a live person on a first attempted call, and in yet another texting and conferencing might be the concern. Despite harmonization across the EU, Enreach is reaching out to the Cloud Communications Community (CCA) with a message that finding a partner such as Enreach is a good idea as a step to success in these markets. Nijhuis sees 2022 as a year when Enreach will be seen as a company that combines many capabilities in a special way and in a market filled with new opportunities. Enreach is also acquiring companies and had success in making those acquisitions work. A cultural fit is as important to the firm as is a monetary justification.



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