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IntelePeer Launches New Atmosphere® CPaaS Connectors for Contact Centers

October 29, 2020

New Integrations Enable Enterprises to Easily Add and Innovate with Cloud Capabilities

San Mateo, CA – October 29, 2020 – IntelePeer, a leading Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) provider, announced today Atmosphere® CPaaS Connectors for contact centers. The new offering enables enterprises to add cloud-delivered CX applications such as omni-channel automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and analytics to their existing on-premises and hybrid contact centers.

Empowered customers, demand for touchless interactions, and rapidly changing business conditions are creating new challenges for enterprise CX leaders. Adding Atmosphere® CPaaS as an over-the-top solution to their existing contact center solution enables enterprises to address these challenges by quickly innovating, scaling to meet business needs, and taking advantage of new revenue opportunities – all while maintaining control and security of their existing environment. IntelePeer customers are advancing their communication strategy by reaching customers on their preferred channels, leveraging conversational AI for self-service, and implementing intelligent routing without the need for high-risk rip and replace projects.

IntelePeer recently announced a custom study that shows the majority of on-premise and hybrid contact centers want to maintain control of security, release cycles, and customizations, but are looking to cloud solutions to introduce innovations, expand globally and scale quickly to meet demand.

“Moving contact center operations to the cloud is not an option for every company in the short-term – millions of agents will continue to work on premise-based solutions for years to come,” says contact center industry analyst, Sheila McGee-Smith. “Atmosphere® CPaaS Connectors for contact centers can help these firms add the modern capabilities they need to improve both the agent and customer experience without a complete system replacement.”

Atmosphere® CPaaS enables companies to engage with customers through voice, SMS, and social messaging, provide AI-enabled automation and communications routing, and access on-demand analytics for actionable intelligence. Atmosphere® CPaaS Connectors for contact centers makes it easy to bring these features into existing premise-based platforms from vendors such as Cisco and Avaya. Enterprises short on time or resources can also utilize IntelePeer’s Atmosphere® Managed Solutions for ongoing integration and configuration support.

“Having a strong product offering like this enables us to continue providing our customers with first-class products that improve their business and customers’ experience, while solving current challenges and preparing for the future,” said Scott Bryan, founder and president of MacroNet, an IntelePeer CPaaS certified partner. “Being able to count on a partner like IntelePeer, to provide innovative solutions that stay ahead of the market, allows us to offer our customers more solutions to meet their specific needs.”

“Up until now it has been difficult and time consuming for on-premise and hybrid contact centers to deploy new customer experiences,” said Robert Galop, CMO at IntelePeer. “With Atmosphere® CPaaS Connectors, we’ve extended the latest cloud innovations to these contact centers, enabling them to be more agile, scalable, and innovative for their customers.”

About IntelePeer

IntelePeer powers the new customer experience. Our Atmosphere® CPaaS enables companies to communicate better – driving more revenue, improving their customer experience, and making better business decisions – leveraging omni-channel Automation & Self-Service, AI, and Analytics, all delivered through a single easy-to-use cloud platform that works seamlessly with your existing business solutions. For more information visit

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