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Podcast: Jabra updates Evolve to meet new challenges of work and home

April 14, 2020

Jabra’s Evolve line was built based on research into how people work and live, and how the different activities of the day might involve wearable technologies. Created in 2014 in part to offer a line of products that could match the new open workspaces, Jabra this month refreshed the line. The update includes the release of three new products, Evolve2 85, Evolve2 65, and Evolve2 40 and an update to the overall feature set.

In this podcast, Jabra senior director of global product marketing, Bjoern Ekner gives us an overview of the update and then discusses how the product line matches the needs of the situation many information workers now find themselves in. “Work and life is blending,” says Ekner. Ekner outlines that collaboration, concentration, and flexibility are key Evolve deliverables. The line is designed to be comfortable and to offer users the option to play music or other audio, thereby creating a private space for users challenged by distraction at home. Noise cancellation technologies help mitigate the sounds of home. Meanwhile, Jabra’s Evolve tightly integrates with Teams. With full access to all Teams features, organizations can help distributed workers restore the collaboration they might be missing from on-prem workspaces. Ekner discusses how the products are plug and play and are designed to work with Zoom and may also work with Avaya, Cisco and other platforms. Ekner makes the point that Evolve is designed to be an attractive, comfortable and enjoyable experience so that workers will want to use the product as opposed to feeling compelled to do so.



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