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Podcast: PERSPECTIVES17 SPECIAL FEATURE – GENBAND delivers decades of IP development through Kandy empowering cloud communications for carriers and enterprise masking the complexities of the telecom network

Genband Blue LogoListen in to Sacha Gera describe GENBAND’s Kandy to Don Witt of The Channel Daily News, a TR publication. Kandy is the result of decades of work and is now a leading CPaaS solution that can be integrated into most carrier or Managed Service Provider architectures. Kandy now has an arsenal of Kandy wrappers that provide pre-coded solutions to common functions used in various industries like communications, support, finance and more. Having integrated WebRTC into their solution, it becomes very mobile for those that chose to implement the solution.

Sacha Gera

Sacha Gera

GENBAND sells their solution to Carriers and managed service providers along with some select ISVs using the GENBAND white label services and receiving the architectural benefits.

With networks increasingly moving to virtualized environments, service providers, enterprises, independent software vendors, systems integrators and developers globally are leveraging the company’s solutions for rapid communications service and application creation. GENBAND’s market-leading portfolio, including its award winning Kandy communications Platform as a Service, enables this transformation and delivers a comprehensive set of advanced embedded communications capabilities including voice, video, messaging, chat, presence and more, facilitating business, consumer and IoT solutions deployments with enhanced end-user collaboration experiences. GENBAND’s Marketing Advantage Program provides comprehensive support to fuel its partners’ success with the company’s solutions.

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