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Podcast: Battling Robocalls

May 08, 2019

by Gary Audin

Robocalls and telemarketing calls are the number one source of consumer complaints at the FCC. What was once a nuisance has become a plague to consumers receiving billion robocalls every month.

To combat this flood of unwanted calls from the service providers network, a solution that supports the STIR (Secure Telephone Identity Revisited) and SHAKEN (Signature-based Handling of Asserted information using toKENs) standards is the answer. The key behind this solution ensures every SIP-signaled call has a certificate of authenticity attached to it — a digital signature — that will produce a positive outcome so consumers will trust incoming caller ID again.

Jamie Gibson VP Technology and Sales Engineering at Ribbon Communications and Gary Audin recorded this podcast at the Ribbon Perspectives 19 conference.  Jamie provides a tutorial on STIR and SHAKEN. He discusses the legal and illegal robocall environments. Jamie provides insights into what providers and enterprises can do to implement the solution. STIR and SHAKEN can be implemented hosted or in the cloud. He continues with comments about the regulatory issues that exist and others yet to be determined.

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