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Podcast: Ribbon helps partners succeed during crises, plan for a bigger future

July 24, 2020

A better home office setup is a possible next step for many people

“Quite well,” says John Macario, Senior Vice President of Global Channel Marketing at Ribbon, reporting on how Ribbon’s partners are doing during the pandemic. In this podcast Macario discusses how Ribbon’s partners worked the past several months “spinning-up” UC, almost on demand, for customers in a big need to migrate in order to carry on basic operations. Last year, Macario relates that many customers were still making an unhurried migration but now years might have been compressed into months. “I think you’re going to have a lot of IT people asking themselves, ‘what went right and what went wrong in terms of the immediate migration to a distributed model’,” says Macario, who sees the changes of the past few months as part of a lasting change within the context of a large, long-term migration story. Macario sees channel opportunities in the need to create a “better home office setup” as people move from basic functionality to wanting to enhance their own personal professional image, and as companies begin to invest at the home office level in creating a more professional experience. We learn about how Ribbon has a special role to play as these transitions occur, as a company with roots that go to the beginnings of modern communications and with offerings that are designed to keep their channel companies with a portfolio of innovative offerings.



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