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Alianza steps up new product investment as post softswitch era sunsets, Podcast

December 21, 2022

Last week, Alianza announced its R&D commitment of $200 million over the next five years to accelerate cloud communications growth for service providers and the company introduced a seasoned product team headed by Chief Product Officer Dag Peak. In this podcast we learn the big news: the softswitch era has begun to sunset. Peak walks us through what comes next and how Alianza is helping its clients make the move and how the new $200 million investment is already loading up a string of new products and innovations which we will be watching over the course of the coming year, and over the next five years. The focus will be on furthering Alianza’s leadership position in innovative voice, video, messaging, mobile, and other cloud communications offerings that enable broadband operators to grow revenue while reducing costs and complexity.

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