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SIPPIO wins finalist position in Enterprise Connect Innovation Showcase 2023, Podcast

March 29, 2023

Collaboration Reinvented, Recognized

“SIPPIO does one thing, and we do one thing well,” says Dawn-Marie Elder, COO and General Manager of SIPPIO. “Enabling voice capabilities for Microsoft Teams and Zoom.” SIPPIO helps customers make and receive calls in the Microsoft Teams and Zoom apps. Their turnkey solution eliminates the effort and investment usually needed to set up and maintain a voice service so that users can make and receive calls, share files, chat, and join video conferences in their collaboration platform. Users can self-provision and manage their voice service through the SIPPIO app, while admins can set up new users, numbers, profiles, routing priorities, and call groups without needing to use PowerShell code. In this short podcast, Elder discusses how SIPPIO’s solutions achieved recognition in this week’s Innovation Showcase at Enterprise Connect 2023.



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